I live in a small town in haiti. I just came from a friends house during a normal black out in our small town. When I walked in her house she had one of your lights on the table. All I could say is wow. I have been running a foster home for kids with HIV here for 10 years. I have gone through my fair share of solar lights for both my house and my children’s home. Your light was so lovely and bright and it looks kid proof.
— Gala C.
Each family that received a solar puff from Solight Design smiled as bright as the light that now illuminated their rooms where they sleep, cook, eat, love and laugh. I had the mother in the home practice turning the lights on and off and then had her hand it over to the oldest child in the house. Once I felt confident that they knew how it worked we went outside and placed the solar puff on the straw roofs so that they could be charged. It was quite obvious that they were excited and wanted to take the lights indoors as soon as I left to push the switch.
— Herb L.
My entire family loves the lights. The first ‘Puff’ lights arrived right after an unthinking person shot off some 4th of July fireworks at 2am abruptly waking my 2 year old granddaughter from a deep sleep. She became fearful of going to bed, afraid the huge noise would frighten her again. Putting her to bed became a real chore.

The ‘Puff’ lights arrived and became a positive focus for her. She made certain they were outside in the sun to get a full charge. She made certain they were in bed with her for the night. They eased her fears to the point that going to bed wasn’t a scary event.

She loves the new lights. Is thrilled they change to red and blink.

Thank you.
— Rosalind F.
I’m a university student in Kumamoto, Japan. I used “Solar Puff”. This was very good and useful. There was a big earth quake in kumamoto, Japan. Then, this light helped me and gave me peace of mind.

Thank you for making this light.
— Ikezono Y.
Last night, I spent memorable time with a family here in Pujehun. I know the father, the primary provider, Mr. Sidarey. He owns a small mud and wood wall home with three or four rooms. No electricity. Twenty people live together in this space - extended family. As a gift, I presented the family with a new SolarPuff. They are grateful and delighted. Before I left, I asked to take a few pictures of one of the girls with your little gem. Her name is Ester Songuya. I worked to express two emotions she held - wonder and joy.
— Jeffery D.