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Send Light to Nepal

Hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes in the earthquake that occurred in April. WeAdvance is helping to distribute lights to those in need.


Many Haitians are still recovering from the earthquake that occurred in January 2010. The Reveil Matinal Orphanage lost its home and needs our help.


The majority of the world needs to have light, which is one of the most basic and fundamental needs as a human being, for safety, for education, for livelihoods. It is still astounding that 1.6 billion people today do not have access to safe and sustainable light and rely on kerosene to light their world at night. The absence of light for the majority of the global population has had catastrophic ramifications on our local and global environment. So we are all interconnected through light and also though the absence of it.

Buying a SolarPuff, furthers our social mission to distribute light in the 3rd world and underdeveloped regions such as Asia and Sub Saharan Africa, where there are the most vulnerable of stake holders. When a customer buys a Solarpuff at 25.00$US it allows us to subsidize a SolarPuff to someone in an underserved region. Our strategy is to subsidize the distribution of Solarpuffs by working with Non Government Organizations as well as with local communities. This system for providing light to those in need is a multi faceted and cross-disciplinary approach to tackling issues of extreme poverty. We are not donating our Solarpuffs, we subsidize and partner with on the ground communities and local markets in order to create economic viability for those living in poverty.

In the past, the act of giving goods away for free has proven to perpetuate poverty. In the end this short sighted approach has proven to be more harmful than good, in the desire to alleviate poverty. Communities have undergone crippling effects due to this short term strategy. We are working toward long term and sustainable solutions to create distribution networks, partnering with local communities to support the creation of local economies. We believe good design, intelligent materials such as solar energy harnessing materials, and recyclable materials are better for the long term sustainability of our ecology and our businesses.

Our NGO Partners

Alison Thompson of We Advance went to Haiti with 100 Solar Puffs

Alison Thompson of We Advance went to Haiti with 100 Solar Puffs