Invented by Alice Min Soo Chun, the SolarPuff is a solar-powered inflatable light which was designed to provide an affordable and renewable light source to disaster-relief victims.

Making a Change

Like so many big ideas, Solight began with a “hey … why can’t we do this” moment—a stroke of inspiration in a time of great need. Specifically, it arose from the necessity for lighting in the wake of the devastating Haitian earthquake back in 2010.

At the time, Solight co-founder and CEO Alice Min Soo Chun dropped everything and turned her College Lab into an innovation studio; building some of the most basic prototypes for what would become Solight’s iconic “SolarPuff”   and sending them off to Haitian children in need of light for studying and basic safety.

The SolarPuff offered a beacon of hope—a light in that tunnel of great suffering.
But for Alice and her soon-to-be business partner Stacy Kelly, it was barely a beginning.

Because while their creation would now make a massive difference in the lives of so many Haitian children—they couldn’t help but think about the millions of other families throughout the world. They wanted to provide a new solution for the 50% of the world’s schoolchildren who today struggle through class without the basic luxury of electric light.

And so the humble SolarPuff  light—a simple, origami-style solar-powered lantern—transformed into a whole company; Solight Design . It’s an organization with the singular goal of spreading this revolutionary little product all throughout the world. And in doing so, Solight aims to make a revolutionary statement about design, minimalism, and living within our own means.

So far, both the product and the company are receiving rave reviews—with Universal Praise in numerous languages. Today, we’re going to take a quick look at what some of the biggest media organizations have to say about Solight …

“Solar Light that Could Change Lives” –CNBC

Around the time of Solight’s highly successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, CNBC (one of the world’s most popular sources for business news) praised the company for its ingenuitive and cost-aware design, particularly when it came to ease of shipping and transport. But they were also intrigued by some of the company’s loftier goals:

The battle to change the way we think about energy and light is just beginning. For Chun, clean, renewable devices such as the SolarPuff have the opportunity to not only improve the lives of people on the ground but, "completely shift the way the environment is being degraded with pollution."

You can read the whole report here.

“Gift Ideas for an Outdoor Summer Feast” –New York Times

While Solight’s designs are certainly driven by the needs of a fast-growing and often impoverished world, the company is also defined by its unwillingness to compromise. By that we mean the belief that the right design and implementation can create a product that serves both as a tool for basic comfort and a fashionable piece of home décor.

In Chun’s own words, “Even when you’re impoverished, you still appreciate beauty and design.”

Solight offers something that can appeal to virtually everyone; as evidenced by this NYT article, which suggests the SolarPuff as a chic gift for this summer’s hot garden party. Just click here to read more about it. 

“Inspired by Origami and an Earthquake” –TreeHugger

It’s not too surprising that a website like TreeHugger would appreciate Solight’s uniquely eco-friendly solutions. But at the same time, they do offer one of the most insightful and informative breakdowns of the company’s products and philosophies:

Small-scale solar panels promise many off-grid applications for renewable energy, and the SolarPuff is a particularly elegant example. This solar-powered lantern folds flat and weighs just 2.3 ounces. It pops open easily to disperse the light from its ring of LEDs, without a harsh brightness. 

Just take a look here to read the whole article. 

Barely Scratching the Surface

Of course these are just a few of the most popular Solight stories out there.
Metropolis magazine praises the company for its innovative designs … the Saint Croix Source mentions the company’s work in the Caribbean—and much more. A simple Google search of news regarding Solight turns up results in a cornucopia of languages—from Hindi and Korean to Brazilian and Spanish.

But more importantly each one of these articles is sending one clear message: that people are enthusiastically uniting in spreading this revolutionary product throughout the world.

Please share the Solight message and the SolarPuff with others ...