High Design & Practical Use: Why Sacrifice?

A real Wassily chair will sometimes catch the onlooker’s eye. Then if they manage to see a price tag, it might even raise their eyebrows …

It was originally conceived as a deconstruction of the classic Club chair (an immensely comfortable yet bulky and piece of furniture). With a steel tube frame inspired by the owner’s bicycle, it’s both evocative and inviting.

It was an instant success thanks to its revolutionary design, and the Wassily chair has since become an icon of Modernist Bauhaus design—a piece of furniture that regularly commands a price in excess of $2,200 US.

Why such a high price? Well, these chairs are practically a work of art … produced by master craftsmen in limited numbers, they’ve inspired hundreds of knockoffs and whole generations of designers. What’s more; they’re actually quite comfortable to sit in.

If that name “Bauhaus” rings a bell, it’s probably because this same design philosophy influenced and informed many of the objects around us—like, for example, your iPhone.

Steve Jobs considered Bauhaus one of his most important influences, and he helped prove that some of the most inviting works of art can be created when form follows function … 

A Revolution Right out of 2001

We may not all be “Apple Fanboys,” but it’s hard to argue that Steve Jobs’ new cell phone was anything short of a masterpiece …

In a market where flip-phones and touchscreens were getting more and more complicated—packed with labyrinthine features of use to no one—Apple came onto the scene with a phone that did everything you wanted it to do; no more, no less.

Virtually overnight, the iPhone raised the bar. Echoing the iconic monolith scene from Kubrick’s 2001, this little device elevated millions into a new era of constant connectivity.

The numbers speak for themselves; with each new iPhone release growing larger and larger, the estimated global number of iPhone users in 2014 topped 65 million; almost 50 million more than in 2010.

Apple’s dogged pursuit of a product that could live up to Bauhaus’ design maxims put them years ahead of the competition and set a new standard for both quality and design.

In short—Bauhaus was back, and in our bold new era of technology and innovation, form would once again follow function …

Solight Following Suit

As a professor of Design and Material Culture at Parsons the New School for Design, Solight co-founder Alice Min Soo Chun was aware of the principles and appeal of Bauhaus, and created a design in keeping with the school’s maxims …

Working since 2009 to develop a perfect version of her inflatable solar-powered light, Chun reacted immediately to send aid following the earthquake in Haiti—developing what would eventually become the SolarPuff as we know it today.

After a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, Solight is ready to implement the SolarPuff on a global scale, offering our simple yet sophisticated solution to millions worldwide.

Made from PET water-resistant material and constructed in the shape of a classic origami balloon, the Solight SolarPuff is a resilient and highly-effective self-sustaining light source that’s unobtrusive and welcome in any setting.

It’s easy to use—with multiple settings and a battery that offers one hour of continuous use for each hour of charge—and is designed to last through about two years of continuous use.

Many SolarPuff owners, like the schoolchildren in Haiti & Nepal who’ve already received theirs, don’t have a wealth of alternatives when it comes to reliable light sources. But that doesn’t keep Solight from providing the best-quality, longest-lasting solution possible.

After all; sustainable power is good for everyone … and this chic little cube has just the kind of appeal to warm people up to renewable energy …

Regardless of whether you’re camping, spending a late night reading (or even looking for a distress beacon) the SolarPuff is a convenient and stylish solution in hundreds of different common scenarios.

Just as the introduction of Bauhaus design ushered in a new era of modernism … just as the iPhone plugged in millions of new smartphone users—so too can the SolarPuff light the way to continued innovation …