What is the SolarPuff made of?

The SolarPuff is a U.S. patented product comprised of four (4) main components: (1) a solar panel that captures photons from sunlight; (2) a rechargeable internal lithium ion battery that stores power; (3) LED bulbs that produce the light and (4) PET material that is specially architected to inflate into a cube.

Please note that our PET material is recyclable and not made of toxic PVC like other inflatable solar lamps in the market.

How long does the SolarPuff stay illuminated after one full charge?
After a full charge of 5 hours in the bright clear sunlight, the SolarPuff provides up to 8 hours on the high setting. If the Solarpuff is in the bright sun for 5 hours, it will last for 5 hours on high setting and 6-8 on low setting. If the Solarpuff is charged in the sun for 6 hours, it will last 6 hours on high setting. If it is charged for 7 hours, it will last for 7 hours on the high setting and so on.

What is the difference between the SolarPuff and the Helix?
The Helix is a Twist and a little more compact than the SolarPuff. It is made from recyclable TPU, a thermoplastic that has a unique memory for shape retention. A slight push will start the deflation process and it will remember to flat pack back to a square. The light is more uniform than the SolarPuff since the SolarPuff has more of a spectrum of light. The SolarPuff has a ziplock pouch for packaging, while the Helix has paper packaging. The SolarPuff light diffuser is made from a Sail Cloth Fabric that is made in the USA and the Helix light diffuser material (TPU) is made in China.

Do the SOLARPUFF  and SOLAR HELIX lamps need additional parts?

No.  Everything is included in each lamp.  No separate batteries or chargers are needed.

Can I leave my SOLARPUFF  and SOLAR HELIX lamps outdoors?

Yes, your solar lamps can withstand wind, rain, salt water and chlorinated pool water, but should be kept at 32 - 82°F for extended periods of time.  Your solar lamps are designed to float.

Can I charge my SOLARPUFF  and SOLAR HELIX lamps indoors?

Sure.  Just put your solar lamp near a window or light source.  Make sure your solar lamp does not get too hot (above 90°F).

How does the SolarPuff charge?
SolarPuff’s solar panels charge when facing sunlight or incandescent light. In direct sunlight, SolarPuff will fully charge in 5 hours.  When it’s cloudy outside, it will take longer. To charge SolarPuff in incandescent light, place the solar panel close to the light bulb – but not so close that it becomes hot. It will take longer than 5 hours to charge under incandescent light.

How long do my SOLARPUFF  and SOLAR HELIX lamps hold charge if unused?

If kept in an emergency supply kit, a fully charged solar lamp will hold its full charge for about 3 months.  After two years, your emergency solar lamp will retain about 50% of charge.

Is there a risk of electric shock or burns from my SOLARPUFF  and SOLAR HELIX lamps?


Where can I buy a SOLARPUFF  and SOLAR HELIX lamp?

At this website. Purchase Here

The SOLARPUFF lamp is a bestseller at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Purchase Here

The SOLARPUFF lamp is available at Amazon.com. Purchase Here

What is your return policy?

If you purchase from our website, and return the lamp and your purchase receipt within one week of receipt, we will give you a full refund on your purchase price, excluding shipping.  Send the return to the address on our contact page.

How does your warranty work?

If your SOLARPUFF  or SOLAR HELIX lamp fails to function within one year of when you bought it, send it back to us with your purchase receipt and we will send you a replacement, all you pay is the shipping to return the nonworking lamp.  Send the return to the address on our contact page.  Before you send it back, try charging it in bright light for at least ten hours.

How much light does a SolarPuff produce?
The SolarPuff produces 90 lumens. Our measurements for foot-candles is equal to 5-10 foot-candles. This is enough light for readings and doing small tasks.

Do you give a discount for bulk purchases?

If you want to purchase at least 50 solar lamps, please contact us for bulk pricing using the information on our contact page.

How do I become a reseller?

Contact us, see the information on our contact page.

If the SolarPuff is kept in an emergency supply kit, how often should she be recharged?
When not in use, SolarPuff holds a full charge for about three months. After that, up to 50% of her charge for two years.

What is the life span of SolarPuff’s LED lights?
The industry standard for LED light bulbs is at least 25,000 hours. The LEDs will not burn out during the life of a SolarPuff lantern.

Is there any risk of electric shock or burns from SolarPuff?
No, there is no risk of electric shock or burns with the SolarPuff lantern.

Will you give the SolarPuff for free to those in need?
Every country and culture has different needs and values.  In one country, or area of that country, we may work with organizations (NGOs) that will provide the SolarPuff free of charge. In another country, we may subsidize the cost of SolarPuff and allow the local economy to sell them at an affordable price, which in turn will allow them to make a living and add to the overall local economy at large. The end result is still the same: to provide clean, sustainable lighting to those in need.

What is the company’s mission?
Solight Design makes beautifully-architected and sustainable home lighting products that appeal to the design and environmentally conscious individual while providing lights to those in need. 

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of design and sustainability.  Alice Chun, who is our Chief Product Officer is an architect and expert in material culture.  This means she designs with aesthetics in mind while making sure to use materials that are truly sustainable.  Using cheap toxic material such as PVC removes the point of sustainability, in our humble opinion.  If you want to tax the environment less by using solar as a renewable energy source, why would you purchase a product that is made on non-renewable materials such as PVC?

If you have any additional questions about Solight Design , please drop us a line.  We would love to hear from you!

Please feel free to contact us at info@solight-design.com if you have any questions we haven’t already answered.